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How to Use Waves Protector to Secure Your Cryptocurrency

WavesKeeper a blockchain-powered website service, an extension that gives access to Waves blockchain. You can also manage your accounts using this blockchain-powered service. WavesKeeper can be used to securely manage your crypto and provide access to other blockchain-powered web applications.

To securely store keys, you could use Waves Keeper. First, install Waves Keeper. First, create your account and give it an unique identifier. Next, create the seed phrase. This passphrase allows you to access your accounts. You can create multiple accounts, or import an already existing one. If you want to add a new account, you need to provide the user name, e-mail address, and password. Once that’s done, you will be able to sign transactions. This will allow you to quickly sign transactions, without needing any sensitive data. This tool allows you to sign transactions as well view the transaction details, including its source. You can look at the transaction details and decide whether to accept or reject it.


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