Services We Provide

We have wide network of offices in all major locations to help you.

We are the customs clearance specialists.No other courier service expedites your packages through customs with the speed and reliability Rapid Global Parcel provides. Our pre-clearance system electronically sends copies of your shipment details to our foreign customs clearance teams prior to the landing of your package in its destination country.

Any courier can deliver a parcel in three days. Swift Parcel we measure success in minutes not days. Our mandate is to route a package faster than anyone in the business and to do so with exquisite care

We are ready to send your package through a network of critical delivery paths that span the entire globe.We are ready to answer your questions about packaging and delivery, customs regulations and dangerous goods protocol. We are ready to clear customs, cross borders and to guarantee that your package will be on the next flight out.

Ground Services

Rapid |Global Parcel Employs a professional operators very good staff and pick up consignments within 1 hour of call up time. All consignments are handled with extreme care, so as to ensure maximum safety. These professionals ensure that all consignments are packed securely, and routed correctly so that customers are assured of the safest and speediest delivery to the respective destinations. In addition to all deliveries are confirmed to the customer.

Inbound Service

Our Clearances and deliveries are effected on the same day of flight arrivals. Further, Swift Parcel provides a wholesales services through it’s office in Europe


Rapid Global Delivery Parcel is linked world wide through Global networks and independent agents who are situated in strategic locations. It utilizes over 25 Direct flights per week to U.S.A, U.K, AUS,NZ,CANADA,U.A.E & all over the country. This enhances the speed of delivery to all destinations worldwide.


Europe Service

Swift Parcel  Utilizes Six  flights per week Direct to America countries.


Real-Time Tracking

through the net, providing you with information on your shipments from pick-up to delivery. You may also Contact us  for information on the status of your consignments.


Regulatory Clearances

Our team of specialists, to resolve your regulatory requirements. Check Regulatory to confirm details of the paperwork required to clear your shipments or Contact Swift Parcel


Free Computerized Proof of Delivery



On demand, confirming the date and time of delivery POD (Proof of delivery) as well as the name of the person receiving the consignment.